Sunday, June 1, 2014

Face sketching

Trying an experiment to see if I can draw faces. So far so good. This guy, Robert Falcon Scott was involved in an Antarctic venture. He is mentioned in one of my many books about Earnest Shackleton. 


  1. Wow.I love your blog. I came to your blog because of a post of your sketching on pinterest. I scrolled through many of your beautiful sketches and thought I would like to take up the hobby of sketching wherever I go as you do. Then I saw a reference to hosting Christian administrators, and thought, hmm, he's a Christian too. In trying to find your story, I clicked on your wife's blog and loved her photos thinking they would good inspiration for my art. Not realizing you were not a professional artist, and still trying to figure out your story and seeing all of the countries listed as posts, I was still intrigued. This " unstringing the bow" idea caught my eye, knowing that I too need a diversion from daily living, and still not knowing what your story was, finally I read that post and at the end saw that you are a leader with ACSI! I was an ACSI school teacher up until a year ago when I just needed to leave my school. I love your art, the tone of your blog, and especially your Basel posts, as we visited there a while ago. Blessings on your career and walk with God. You are inspiring.

  2. Hey Bettie, so nice to hear from you. Thank you for your kind remarks. If you get this reply drop us a know at I'm curious where you taught, etc. Tim