Friday, October 30, 2009

Herbst Messe 09 sketch

I enjoyed doing this sketch on site. It's a challenge to draw when it's so chilly, but it was fun to visit with friends who came up to see what I was doing.

That's the bumper car ride on the left. It was very crowded with students and staff of Black Forest Academy. All of us had a blast. I took a break from sketching to go take a ride myself. It's so funny to see the pleasure students find in hunting me down with their bumper cars.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Meeting Doodles

Had to sit in some important meetings this week. As usual I found myself doodling as a way of focusing my attention. And once again, I am surprised at what comes out of my pen. These sketches were unplanned. I started with the number 1 and then one thing lead to another...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My sketchbook - just the Rome sketches

Concert in Venice Sketch 09

This was a fun sketch to do. I liked the fact that the musicians are off to the side making in this drawing given it an unusual perspective. The concert itself was simply amazing.

This is a shot of the hall just before the musicians came out.

Ostia Antica Sketch 09

We visited Ostia Antica, the ancient port city for Rome. Ostia Antica was basically abandoned due to disease and the fact that the silt filled the harbor.
Because this drawing is a two-pager I couldn't scan the full length. Here's a picture of it.

Sitting here and drawing this scene was pure pleasure. The day was very warm, but the breeze made up for it.
Here's the right side of the drawing.
Here's the left side of the sketch.

Rialto Bridge Sketch

Venice is an incredible place to visit. I never tire of it. We brought the seniors here and told them to go explore. They did. I found a quiet spot where I could sketch the Rialto Bridge.

If you look closely that's me in the standing between red and green awning making my sketch. If you click on the picture you will see two waiters looking at my sketch.
This is a great shot of the waiter checking out my sketch. He was very kind and excited about what I was doing. He kept saying, "Complimentioso!"

Beach Day Sketch

Those are my birkenstocks.

Trevi Fountain Sketch

Sketching the Trevi Fountain is a challenge when you are sitting there. There is just SO much stuff in that space. I enjoyed trying to draw falling water. I think this sorta works. I didn't draw people into this sketch - as usual there were hundreds of people standing around the water's edge.

Pantheon Sketch

This is my favorite sketch of all my Rome sketches. I guess I like the straight lines and shadows. This was really fun to draw.

I always like to find a different spot to sketch things - a different point of view. After worked on this sketch I walked to the right of the Pantheon and noticed another guy sketching the same building. He had the same exact sketchbook that I had, so we shared our drawings with each other. That was cool.

Beach Service Sketch

On Sunday of the senior trip, we had a worship service on the beach. That was very special. The kids lead the singing and one of them spoke. It was very good. I did this quick sketch while they met.

Wouldn't you want to sketch on the beach?

Vatican Sketch 09

Last week we were in Rome with the Class of 2010. I took the opportunity to make some sketches. This was a fast one done sitting in front of St. Peter's Basilica.
Here's a picture of me sketching. Please pardon's Sandee purse by feet - it's not mine!