Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sketching in San Antonio de Ibarra, Ecuador

It was a beautiful day when we stopped in the small village of San Antonio de Ibarra to sightsee a little bit. I was drawn to the village square and to this statue. I would almost rather bring back a sketch than some curio. Tell me something, my guess is that you used to sketch or doodle when you were younger - why did you stop?
While I was sketching a bird stopped and landed on the head of San Miguel de Ibarra. Cool. Click on the picture below if you don't believe me. 

As usual I made a quick pencil sketch and then finished it with ink on the flight back home.

Sketching in Quito, Ecuador

I was in Quito, Ecuador this week for a teacher conference. Of course, I needed to find a moment to express some creativity and make a sketch. I am always interested in architecture and so the building in this sketch was super interesting. Of course, the wires overhead add something to this sketch. Oh, and you can't go anywhere in this world without seeing the KFC Colonel. 
I hope you noticed the airplane. The airport is extremely close to the city - well, actually right in the city - so the planes come very close. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sketching in Palmer Park

Sandee and I had a good hike in Palmer Park on the weekend. At one point she stopped and took photos while I made a sketch. We are pretty fascinated with the trees here - especially those with the root system exposed. They look old and rugged - so that's what I tried to capture. My photo isn't that great - since I don't have access to a scanner while traveling.

I actually finished this sketch on a trip to Quito, Ecuador. I hope to find something interesting to sketch while I'm there.