Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sketching in San Antonio de Ibarra, Ecuador

It was a beautiful day when we stopped in the small village of San Antonio de Ibarra to sightsee a little bit. I was drawn to the village square and to this statue. I would almost rather bring back a sketch than some curio. Tell me something, my guess is that you used to sketch or doodle when you were younger - why did you stop?
While I was sketching a bird stopped and landed on the head of San Miguel de Ibarra. Cool. Click on the picture below if you don't believe me. 

As usual I made a quick pencil sketch and then finished it with ink on the flight back home.

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  1. Hello Tim, I came across your blog because I'm a friend of Rachel Phillips and I love seeing your sketches. I, too, draw from time to time but more out of my head than what's in front of me- I enjoy sketching at work or in church too. Great Quito sketches!