Saturday, April 5, 2008

Why Blog about a little notebook?

Why did I blog about this little notebook? 1) I love paper, notebooks, books, pens - and new ways to keep my things organized. 2) I love things that are unique. 3) I really like things that are excellent and this is one. 4) It's a great combination of craftsmanship, attention to detail and reasonable price. 5) I love that they included a really cool looking pencil and a set of VERY unique page markers. Moleskine doesn't do that. 6) I wanted to show my brother Jim pictures of something that he can't purchase in Ohio - at least not yet.

Finally, this is a blog about creativity and seeing God in the world. This item is creative, but I also appreciate that someone in this company took the time to do something right. I believe that whenever we do that - give our best to a product, a plan, or a mission, we honor God - we show some of His DNA shining out through us - His ultimate creation. Isn't this what God meant in Genesis, when he challenged Adam to take dominion? So, when I hold this in my hand, not only am I grateful to those that made this booklet, I am also grateful to God for endowing us humans with the skills to help others.

By the way - this company sells many different sizes and paper styles of this notebook. Check it out at
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  1. Dear Rolf,

    What a thrill to hear from you and to get such an encouraging remark. Many of my friends want to see my Canteo notebook. My family in North America want to know how they can get one. I am very happy with mine.

    Thank you for telling me about putting the address book in the back. I didn't know about that. I will look for one next time I go to Basel.

    You asked for my opinion about the cover of the Canteo as compared to the Moleskine. At first look, I have to say that I prefer the moleskine cover. It's smooth and strong. When I am done with my notebooks, I usually keep them, so I would prefer something that will last long. I also want my notebook to look good among my daily working items: laptop, cellphone, etc. I carry my diary notebook with me almost everywhere, so style and durability is important to me. I am glad that you are thinking about environmentally friendly solutions - this is important. Have you tested the cover to see how it looks after continued use? I would love to be your beta-tester.

    When I made my purchase I didn't notice you have a diary notebook. I wish I had. Instead, I am "hacking" my ruled A6 and making it into my own diary. I have attached a sample of how I do that (see below). I wish I had purchased the diary instead. Having your diary would save me some time in hacking. Next time I will look for the diary version.

    Finally, my wife insists that I let you know that my 50th birthday is coming up in just a few days (April 30). She says I need a nice Canteo birthday present to help me celebrate! :-) I will leave that one up to you.

    Thank you again. I am definately a CANTEO fan.

    Tim Shuman