Saturday, April 5, 2008

More unboxing of my Federal Bundesordner.

Inside the front cover you find a little pocket that holds a set of 5 really cool page markers.

Here's a close up of the page markers, the all black pencil, and the company logo. I have to admit that these slick little clips are what attracted me to this book. Aren't they cool? Notice the little Swiss Cross on each one. Don't you want some? They are available separately, but I just HAD to purchase the book with them.
The text basically says in French and German, "Federal Binder Collection". As I said, this company used to make the official binders for the Swiss government - not too exciting - but now they have taken the same standards and level of care and applied it to a new and more personal product.

Another close up of the page markers.

Close up of the page ribbon, book mark/clip, and pencil.

Inside back cover. Another nice addition...two pocket flaps to hold something like a business card or something larger. Amazingly, this book came with my business card already in it. How did that do that? (Just kidding.)

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