Friday, September 18, 2020

On Journaling

I've been journaling since the late 70s, but consistently and daily since 1989 (one journal per year) and off and on before that. It's hard to believe that I've gotten this far in the practice. Mostly my journals are a record of what happened each and every day. Some of it is imminently boring but then it also covers important milestones and events in my life and in the life of our family. And it covers some aspects of my walk with God through the good times, and the tough times. They really are a clear reminder of God's care and goodness over many years. 

For me, the practice of journaling is like a brain-dump for each day or like uploading the files in my head to a server (one comprised of ink on paper) for safekeeping. After I write each day's entry it means I can close the book on that day, call it done, and then look for what the Lord has for me on the next day.    

This photo may look intimidating to the one that wants to start journaling, or has attempted to start. I would simply say "start, today" and again if necessary. And oh, never forget that boring is just fine!

If the house ever catches fire, my journals are the things I will grab first (after my wife is counted as safe of course).   


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