Monday, August 22, 2011

Another Alsatian Sketch

Finally finished this sketch from our trip to Europe last June. This is another one from the Alsatian village of Kayserberg, France (birthplace of Albert Schweitzer BTW). The village became a favorite of ours. And there are no end to the things you could sketch. My only question is when will I ever be back there? Just thinking about it makes me miss Germany and France very much.

I was captivated by this wonderful fountain statue of Constantin. Can you imagine this was installed in 1521? I love the carving of the faces in the fountain. His beard is worth clicking on the pictures for a close up. Really cool.

That's Sandee in front of the fountain. We had a very nice day that day. Finishing the sketch brought back all of those wonderful memories of that day. Man, I miss it. Sketching does that for me.

By the way, the banner on this blog is a picture of me sketching this fountain. 

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