Friday, June 3, 2011

Sketching in Basel, Switzerland along the Rhein

It was awesome to spend some time along the Rhein this week and make another travel sketch. Of course, we used to live here before we moved to Colorado - so this is not the first time I have sketched this spot. We hold many wonderful memories from this city and from this very spot.

It was fun to add in the backhoe into this sketch - it adds a little quirky element.


  1. Quirky to the point of surreal for these new world eyes. :-)

  2. Thanks for the great presentations over the past few weeks . . . and nice blog :-) I also love doing travel sketches: somehow traveling draws out the sketcher in me. Though I don't think I did any when I was in Prague . . .
    At any rate, I have greatly appreciated your insights and wish you the best as you carry on in your ministry.

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