Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Six Months in Colorado and thoughts on Unstringing the Bow

My wife and I just passed the six month mark in our move to Colorado. Sandee reflected on this mile marker on her blog the other day. I thought what she had to say was excellent and described our journey very well. Click here to read her post.

Mike Rohde, a designer, was very honest about the busyness in his life and how he is confronting it in a recent post on his website. I think you will appreciate and be encouraged by his remarks. Click here to read Mike's story about his "Crazy Good Year".


  1. Tim ... I am greatly inspired and impressed by your blog, your insights, and your doodling-drawing-etc. You have a good hand, one that those of us who truly "doodle" find a touch envious and a whole lot fantastic. Kodous to your wife for her photo journalism of your "unstrung state."

    By the way - great reading list. Good choices.

  2. Thanks for the mention Tim - I'm excited to help out others through this.