Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 8 Sketches

This was a drawing done at the Marktplatz in Basel, Switzerland. Everyday they have a market (foreground) in front of the Rathaus (background). It's great. The Rathaus itself is a stunning building. You gotta see it in real life. Click. I loved the long flags hanging from the building waving in the breeze.

Sandee took a picture of me sketching by the tram tracks. It's funny how people try to get near you and take a peek at what you're drawing. The Rathaus is just to right of this picture.

Later, after the above, I walked to the Muenster and sketched the back side of cathedral. Again, people try and get close to see what I'm drawing. I'm kinda shy about having strangers look at my drawings especially before I'm done.

Full page from my Moleskine sketchbook.


  1. Nice sketches!

    Now I'd be one of those people peeking, and thinking you aren't noticing me. :-)

  2. Hey, you're doing it! Awesome. These look great. I was down there yesterday. Fun stuff.