Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Sketch 29.03.09

Went to the Basel Cathedral again for service. I'm always quite taken with the towering pulpit (if that's what you call it). It in itself is quite an artful masterpiece made completely from red sandstone.
Today as the pastor spoke I counted up to 4 seconds after his last word was spoken before the echo of his voice stopped booming around the cathedral walls. The whole experience is always very moving.
This is the beginning of the Passion week. Even though I only caught about half of his German words, he presentation was full of the correct emotion leading up to the death of Christ on the cross.

After the service I sat in Starbucks and finished my cathedral sketch and added this little one below. The cappuccino, like the church service, was inspirational. I also enjoyed reading several more chapters in "What's so Great about Christianity". It's a very good book. I recommend it.

My pencil serves as a divider between these two disparate drawings.


  1. These are great sketches, Tim. I've never been to church in this cathedral- I should do that sometime!

  2. the name of the high pulpit is the preistobach--i cannot spell in English and definitly cannot spell in German but it means preacher's box and had the connotation of high as in altitude because this is what the sand hill on our back 40 was called by the Poggemillers in ages past...

    your sketches are wonderful