Sunday, March 8, 2009

Basel Munster Sketch

Attended the Gottesdienst (Sunday worship service) this morning at the Basel Munster. I made some random sketches during the service (tried to be very discreet). Obviously, I could only draw the backs of heads. It's interesting what you can tell from a slumped shoulder or an alert and upright head.

Some observations from the service. 1) Cathedrals are cold! Everyone keeps their winter coats on. 2) No one (or very few) carries their Bible. 3) The seats are very HARD and straight! So, the service was mercifully short - one hour. 4) The chair backs are all unique! Cool patterns. 5) The sounds are fabulous - the deep church bells, the organ, the Pastor's echoing voice, the singing. 6) The Pastor's white collar is extremely WHITE! I wonder who does his laundry and what keeps it so bright?

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