Saturday, December 13, 2008

My love

I just felt this urge to draw today - so I sketched the most beautiful thing in my world - my wife Sandee! She is gorgeous if I do say so myself. This was fun to do.

I gotta find a better way to scan my sketches. I am not happy with the scan job - too grainy. By the way, this sketch is quite small - only about 10 by 10 centimeters. Fits nicely into my moleskine watercolor notebook. I love the feel of the pencil on this paper.


  1. I'm not aware of any really, really good way to scan graphite pencil art — and I'm a graphic designer! The shininess of the graphite flakes throws everything off when the light is unidirectional. I usually photograph pencil art (using a copy stand, ideally) rather than scan it.

  2. Thanks for tip Andy. What you wrote make total sense. Never thought about that. I will try it with the camera. Tim