Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sermon "Notes"

I have taken sermon notes for years. Often I add quick sketches from the message. You would be amazed at how this "doodling" (sp?) helps me to remember the message and "get into it". If I can "see it", I can understand it.

I started drawing pictures like this to illustrate messages years ago when our boys were small. There was a time when our church was not able to offer Sunday School classes so the little kids had to stay in the main service. I drew pictures from the message for them. Luke and Tyler would lean in and watch me draw. I enjoyed it as much as they did. I liked it so much I kept doing it. I will share more sermon notes on this blog from time to time.

This particular message (below) was given last Sunday at Crossroads Church in Basel, Switzerland by visiting speaker, my friend, Howard Dueck. It was good. I am not sure that I captured all of his message all that well - but I got the parts that spoke the most to me.
As far as the actual sketch goes I am not pleased with the sharpness of the lines in this one. The pen I happened to use that morning did not produce as sharp a line as I normally like. The ink "bled" too much for me.

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