Tuesday, May 8, 2007

On sermon notes and doodles

Here's a set of notes - a blast from the past - 2002. Some of my readers will remember Pastor Walt Barrett. This was one of Walt's good messages. Rereading these notes brings it all back. You can double click on this (the same applies to all the pictures on this blog) to see a bigger version.

I'm telling you, the "doodle" in the middle really helps me to remember this message. Yes, I drew that during the message. Someone recently asked, "Do you really do that (draw) in church?!?" What the person really seemed to be asking was, "Is that allowed in church?" Yes, I do and it better be allowed. It helps me to concentrate. For the same reason, I never had a problem if one of my students "doodled" in class. It always helped me to concentrate when I was in school. You should have seen my college notes with all of the little cartoony pictures in the sidebars of my notebooks.
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