Sunday, May 27, 2007

Kandern Marktplatz

This is a pen and ink drawing from Kandern, Germany where I have lived for 20 years.

Obviously, a drawing this large takes a long time to do. I have never actually counted the hours, I usually work at it a little here and there until it is done. It might take me several weeks to finish. I really enjoy working with pen and ink, but it does take a while to make all of those pens strokes. In spite of that, somehow it relaxes me. This was done in 2005, and actually this drawing is the most recent pen and ink drawing I have done. Wow. It's time to do one again. What should I draw this time? Any ideas? Just click on the "comments" link below to leave your thoughts.

Pen: Rotring Rapidograph - various sizes
Paper: heavy, smooth watercolor paper
Original size (approx.): 27x20cm, 11x8in.

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